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A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing.  She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination, Prepared to be herself and only herself.–Maya Angelou

Mama ROCKED her Homebirth

"I hired Heather to care for me during the birth of my second child. I was already fairly knowledgeable about the birth process, but every birth is different and I knew that I needed a Doula with plenty of experience going through all types of births herself. Heather has a very primitive trust in birth that I found so important for me to turn to when I started to have doubts. She was available at all times of the day during my pregnancy to chat about my fears, concerns, hopes, and goals as well as to field my questions. As the due date came and went she would keep in touch. I had a lot of prodromal labor and she welcomed the chats about what the contractions were feeling like and was great about convincing me to rest. She lent me a book to read about positive birth stories to help block out the negative talk that sometimes surrounds homebirth. The night I went into labor she could hear the change in me and intuitively knew that it was not another night of prodromal labor. She was the first to arrive and rested beside me while I labored on the couch. She was listening to the patterns in my breathing and right when I felt that I had hit active labor she immediately started helping out more. She was so in tune with what I needed and when I needed to be left alone. She worked amazingly well with my husband, who is a very difficult man. She helped him get the birth pool set up, gave him ideas of ways he could help, and kept him busy so he didn't feel useless. Heather was right there, a steady, strong, supportive face to look to when I was having the give-up moment. With just a look and a simple word she helped me square my shoulders and get back into it. During pushing she was a fabulous support, literally, as she held up my very heavy leg for the better part of an hour. Afterwards she was very attentive to helping me get settled and was great during the postpartum time. I have recommended her to friends. She is awesome." Kat, Norman

"My birth experience with my first child was not at all what I imagined it to be, so I sought out a doula for my second child. With my first birth, I felt like no one cared what I wanted to do. I wasn't sure that a doula would be worth the expense, but now, having gone through labor with a doula, I can't believe I ever considered birth without a doula. Having Heather as a doula made such a huge difference. With her support and guidance, and the support of my midwife, I felt like my opinion during labor mattered. I felt confident that my wishes during labor would be respected. Heather spent a lot of time with me and my family before the birth, talking about relaxation, pain coping strategies, and the birth process. Once I went in to labor, she met us at the hospital and provided the support I needed. The advice she gave me as labor was starting helped me cope with a rather quick labor with no pain meds. She was calm, patient, and respectful throughout the entire process. Then after the birth, she continued to support me while I remembered what it was like to have a newborn. She also provided support and resources as I began breastfeeding. I absolutely recommend Heather." Cortney, Oklahoma City

Much-Anticipated Rainbow Baby!

"I absolutely love Heather. Before my successful pregnancy and delivery, I had a long fertility struggle complete with several miscarriages. I was so stressed during my pregnancy. It helped so much to have Heather. She kept me calm throughout, providing me encouragement, education, a listening ear, and prayers. The same held true when I was in labor. It was such a comfort to have her there. There were so many things going on that I would've been overwhelmed and confused about if I didn't have her with me. She kept both my husband and me informed and calm. We chatted all day long, breathing through contractions and taking things slow and steady. I fully believe that calming spirit not only kept my fears and pain at bay, but helped the birth to go so perfectly. During the pushing part, I had Heather right there in my ear, coaching me through it. As a first time Mom, it helped so much to hear her encouragement when everyone else was just yelling "push!" I wouldn't have known what to do without her!! Heather also helped us during postpartum and I know I never would have been able to breast feed without her help! She's so knowledgable and encouraging. She was absolutely invaluable to both my husband and me. I'll never let a friend or family member give birth without her by their side!" Adrienne, Moore

"Heather, Thank you so much for everything! Being able to call and text you made my pregnancy less stressful. Labor was hard and I can't imagine what we would have done without you. If I have another baby, I definitely want you there again. What you do is a blessing and you are worth so much more than you get paid!" Allison, Oklahoma City

"Having Heather as a doula was the best decision I could have made. Not only was she great the weeks and months leading up to delivery, but she was such a blessing on the day of. We met with Heather a few times before so that she could go over the things we could expect, soothing techniques, etc. She spent so much time with us going over any and all questions that we had; so much time in fact that we now think of Heather as a friend. On the day of, she communicated with me in the hours leading up to our trip to the hospital and then met us at our house and went to the hospital with us. She was there the entire time even though she was pretty far along in her own pregnancy. She asked questions that we forgot, gave us information about options that came up throughout delivery, prayed with us, helped with soothing techniques (that saved my life during my natural delivery with Pitocin), and so much more! It was so nice to feel prepared going into delivery and then be at peace when I was there because I didn't feel like my husband and I had to remember everything. He was able to help without feeling stressed. Heather was such a blessing to us! I would love for her to be at our next birth, and I would recommend her to anyone." Kristi and Ty, Oklahoma City

"Heather wasn't my primary doula, she was shadowing Amy for the night when I was five days into my labor and finally dilating. They came to my house around six pm and our first time to meet was when I was in the full swing of labor. Even under the circumstances, I was instantly comfortable with Heather. She was calm and sweet, and they just sort of let me do my thing until I knew I was ready to get to the hospital. They met up with me in triage and, lo and behold, I was finally dilated enough to be admitted. It was a tough time for everyone, my daughter was pretty stubborn about leaving her cozy home, but this amazing woman who didn't even know me was there the whole 28 hours between being admitted and giving birth. When things didn't go my way and I ended up with a necessary epidural to allow my body some rest after days and days of labor, Heather and Amy both helped me feel comfortable in my decision. Had it not been for that unwanted epidural that Heather and Amy helped me feel confident in getting, I would have probably had an unwanted c-section. Even though she had four children at home and my labor was taking forever, Heather stuck it out and helped hold up the legs that I couldn't feel while I birthed my sweet girl at 11:35 pm. This wonderful woman has a heart of gold and I am so happy that she was there to share in the biggest day of my life. Although we'd never met before, she didn't feel like a stranger. I would recommend Heather to anyone and everyone looking for a great and trustworthy doula!" Laken, Stillwater

"What I loved most about having a doula is that I didn't feel like I needed to remember anything and I didn't have to expect my husband or mom to either.

Elizabeth, E.W., and Penelope

My husband could hold my hands and encourage. We actually felt more connected during this birth than my first birth without a doula because my husband didn't feel pressured to perform a job that he's rarely called upon to do and I didn't feel disappointed because I didn't have expectations of him (such as being my coach) that he couldn't fulfill. Heather made sure I did things like drink water and go to the bathroom. She thought of things that someone less experienced might not such as when I went to the bathroom late in labor, she knew to come check on me because I might be stuck.

When my labor progressed differently than my first labor, I felt very confused. The midwives came and then left.

Once my labor picked up, it progressed very quickly. Without Heather there, I might have waited too long to call them back since I felt a little embarrassed about calling everyone too early the first time. I didn't have to worry about when to call with someone more experienced at telling where a woman is in her labor.

During my first labor, my husband and I felt very unsure about when to go to the hospital. I felt like he should be able to help me make that decision, but he didn't feel knowledgeable enough to do it. We had none of these issues the second time with Heather to help us. I remember feeling alone and scared at this point the first time. During my second labor, I felt comforted and at peace knowing that Heather was there." Elizabeth, Norman, OK

"I had Heather for my doula for my third baby and I wish I had had her for my first and second and fourth!!

Heather worked seamlessly with my husband and my midwife to provide for me the support I needed. I can't tell you how amazing it was to have her in the front with a long warm rice sock under my belly and my husband on my back and pelvis providing counter-pressure. Heather encouraged me to listen to my body when I was doubting it about what positions were appropriate.

She offered her calm and strong energy to the room. This is so relaxing when there is a nervous energy going on elsewhere, either within myself, or with my husband or other children. She stayed with me the entire time — through all the early labor stuff, when the midwife left for a while, and after the baby was born. I know that if I asked her to leave she wouldn't have made me feel uncomfortable doing so, but I needed her to stay, so she did! She was an incredible and almost unexpected blessing in my birth. I can't say enough about the calm and positive and strengthening energy her presence provided. She's been blessed with that gift!! " Amber, Virginia Beach

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